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Dharmabytes from Free Buddhist Audio

Jun 28, 2018

Free Buddhist AudioTodayand#8217;s FBA Dharmabyte, is called The Horse and the Rider, an excerpt from the talk entitled Cutting the Bonds by Vadanya, the introduction to a Sangha Night Series at Sheffield Buddhist Centre. and#8216;Total Transformation and#8211; Head, Heart and Gutsand#8217;.

Using an analogy of a rider on a horse, he notes that we often...

Jun 25, 2018

Free Buddhist Audio Enlightenment must be within our reach! Todayand#8217;s FBA Dharmabyte, is called The Seed of the Thus Gone, an excerpt from the talk simply titled The Motive by Padmavajra.

This is the first talk in an eight part series by Padmavajra exploring a great classic of Tibetan Buddhism – Gampopaand#8217;s and#8216;Jewel Ornament of...

Jun 21, 2018

Free Buddhist AudioOur FBA Dharmabyte, An Army of Compassion, is an excerpt from the talk Compassion Embodied by Vajratara.

The Bodhicitta is about the spiritual community, the sangha, because it is only when we work together that we can make an infinite sphere of influence and concern for the suffering of the world.

The Jewel that...

Jun 18, 2018

Free Buddhist AudioHow do we have a creative response to suffering, without either getting overwhelmed or turning away? Our FBA Dharmabyte, Embodying Compassion in the World, illustrates the keep kindness of the Buddha with the story of Kisagotami.

In this talk, given on a work retreat at Taraloka, Maitrisiddhi describes the Bodhisattva...

Jun 14, 2018

Free Buddhist Audio Our FBA Dharmabyte today is called Metaphors and Archetypes from the talk Archetypal Symbolism, Part 2 by Danadasa.

The life story of the Buddha is much more than a historical account – it is a poetic myth full of profound meanings that can resonate with both our conscious minds and our unconscious depths. To fully...