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Dharmabytes from Free Buddhist Audio

Jul 29, 2021

Ratnaprabha describes the qualities of mindfulness in a talk about the fifth precept, intoxication and mindfulness. 

Excerpted from the talk entitled The Fifth Precept given at the West London Buddhist Centre, 2013.


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Jul 26, 2021

Introducing the speech precepts, Bodhilila explains the Buddha's advice on how to communicate effectively. How do you decide when and how to speak, using criteria of helpfulness, truthfulness, and whether or not it is pleasant to hear?

From the talk entitled The Buddha’s Speech given at West London Buddhist Centre,...

Jul 22, 2021

Marking the 50th anniversary of his own 'Going Forth' in India, Sangharakshita offers us his thoughts on the significance this adventure had for him and reflects on its relation to the Buddha's search for Truth - with particular regard to actions of body, speech, and mind.

From the talk Reflections on Going Forth,...

Jul 19, 2021

Here Candradasa explores the third precept and the Buddha's moral code generally and we get some sense of where we might look to find ways to work effectively with our strongest desires in ways that lessen attachment and help us see reality more clearly.

From the talk entitled Sex and Morality, Going Beyond Puritanism

Jul 15, 2021

Drawing on sources from Russell Brand to Tenzin Palmo, Suryadarshini navigates the third precept. Covering sex, relationships, confessional writing, and social media, she offers suggestions for how to start a shift from attention and attachment into stillness, simplicity and contentment.

From the talk entitled Sex and...