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Oct 3, 2022

In this talk, Khemabandhu takes us on a journey into the terrifying cremation grounds which Padmasambhava deliberately sought out. The facing of our deepest fears presents us with and incredible opportunity for spiritual development, but how do we summon up the courage necessary to do so?

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Sep 29, 2022

In Mahasraddha talks about the act of going for refuge by way of taking a good, hard look at our lives and the experience of dukkha, aka suffering, in light of the Buddha’s teaching. 

From the talk ​​The Sevenfold Puja: Going For Refuge, given at Manchester Buddhist Centre, 2010.


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Sep 26, 2022

When one approaches the transcendental, one approaches the three transcendental samadhis, which Sangharakshita describes as three doors of liberation - namely as that of emptiness, signlessness, and directionlessness. 

From the talk The Rain of the Dharma given in the USA, 1994.


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Sep 22, 2022

A recording of the salutation to the Three Jewels, the Tiratanavandana, chanted in the Padmaloka Retreat Centre, 2020.


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Sep 19, 2022

Vishvapani looks behind the veils of history, legend and the texts themselves to conjur a vivid, felt image of the Buddha's personality. In a series of beautifully observed close-up drawings from the Pali Canon we are left with a portrait of spiritual genius that is both enigmatically distant and thoroughly human.