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Dharmabytes from Free Buddhist Audio

Jan 18, 2016

Free Buddhist AudioIn todayand#8217;s FBA Dharmabyte Ratnaprabha offers a delightful story of Nanda and the dove-footed nymphs in a track weand#8217;re calling: >Exhaulted Beauty.

Ratnasambhava represents the beauty of appreciation, one of the most positive functions that one can develop. In the appreciative mode, nothing is ugly. The story of the Buddhaand#8217;s half brother, Nanda, helps illustrate how we can use more immediate desires as motivators on the path. We can shift from appropriation to appreciation.

From the talk Ratnasambhava and the Path of Beauty, the 8th talk from the The Mandala of the Five Buddha given at Padmalokaand#8217;s 2012 Winter Retreat.