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Dharmabytes from Free Buddhist Audio

May 17, 2018

Free Buddhist Audio Todayand#8217;s FBA Dharmabyte is entitled Reality and Intuition from the talk All One Gorgeous Mistake by Vajradarshini.

A jewelled casket of a talk by Vajradarshini, with poetic accompaniment. Rumi meets Tsongkhapa in the Tavern of Ruin, and Dogen, Milarepa and Nagarjuna join them to talk about and#8216;selfand#8217; and and#8216;worldand#8217;. Joanna Macy turns up too — then many voices, mixed and mingled, explore the experience of being part of an Order and following the Buddhaand#8217;s way. Quite splendid stuff.

Talk given at the Western Buddhist Order Womenand#8217;s Convention, 2005