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Sep 26, 2019


Vasubandhu lived in northern India and Nepal in the 4th century CE. He was a renowned teacher in the Sarvastivadin School of Buddhism but later converted to Mahayana Buddhism under the influence of his brother Asanga.

In this talk Kulaprabha introduces us to a work of his dealing with the conditions necessary for the arising of the Bodhicitta - here translated as Bodhi Resolve. In particular, she compares and contrasts Vasubandhu's Four Factors as they are described in this text with Sangharakshita's description and evocation of them in his book 'The Meaning of Conversion in Buddhism'.

The Four Factors are:

1. Contemplation of All Buddhas

2. Contemplation of the Faults and Perilous Aspects of the Body

3. Seeking the Most Supreme of All Fruits of the Path

4. Kindness and Pity for Beings

From the talk Vasubandhu's Treatise on Generating Bodhi Resolve given at the London Buddhist Centre, September 2009


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